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Seventh Heaven
El Rancho
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   The Inside Game
  Royal Trux
  Drag City
   Strange Feeling
  White Fang
   I'm Gonna Move Right In
  The Velvet Undergound
   When Your Parents Go To Sleep
  Kevin Ayres
   Emily May (You make me feel so fine)
  Epic Soundtracks
   English Girls
  Nikki Sudden
   Wake Up and Dream
  Martin Newell
  Captured Tracks
  Scritti Politti
  Rough Trade
   Deep Night
  Sixth Station
  Numero Group
   Forge Your Own Chains
  D. R. Hooker
   Your Freedom
  Gospel Beach
  The Faces
  Warner Bros.
   She Is Loaded
  Giles, Giles, Giles & Fripp
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