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El Rancho
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   Would You?
  Richard Swift
  Secretly Canadian
   Stand By Love
  Donnie & Joe Emerson
  Light In The attic
   Hiding Your Present From You
  Arthur Russell
   Good Side
  Light In The attic
   For M.
  Phantom Band
   The Artichoke That Loved Me
  The Cleaners From Venus
  Captured Tracks
   Torrey Pine
  Chris Cohen
  Captured Tracks
   Dance With Me
  Noel Ellis
  Light In The attic
   Don't Know What's Normal
  Shintaro Sakamoto
  Zelone Records
   Tequila Moonlite
  James Spheeris
   Six Guns
  Milk & Cookies
  Captured Tracks
   Shinzo No Tobira
  Palto Flats
   Love Is For Me
  The Meters
   Snow In San Anselmo
  Van Morrison
  Warner Bros.
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