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Episode Sex
El Rancho
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   The Application
  Sonny & The Sunsets
   Gunner Ho
  The Stones
  Flying Nun
   No Matter Where We Go
  Lead Riders
  Hagerty - Toth Band
  Three Lobed
   Dead And Buried (Alien Sex Fiend)
  White Label
   It's For You
  The White Eyes
   Kiss Another Day Goodbye
  David Kauffman // Eric Caboor
  Light In The attic
   Nubian Queen
  Michael Angelo
   Time Flies By
  Easy Sound
   No Way To Rock n Roll
  The OBN IIIs
  Tic Tac Totally
   Boy Like Me
  Guantanamo Baywatch
  Suicide Squeeze
   Slipping Around
  Fred Neil
   In A Station
  Karen Dalton
  Light In The attic
   Break The Chain
  Ultimate Painting
  Trouble In Mind
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