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El Rancho
indie // rocknroll // pop // country // psych

El Rancho Radio brings you fresh from the vine, ripe and ready hits of tomorrow, today!
Whatever the groove is down on the ranch... Country, Folk, Blues, Pop, Psych, Garage, Indie, Trash, Glam, Country Funk, Southern Soul, Power Pop, Americana and... whatever! Midday - Wednesday - Fortnightly Get in touch on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram @elranchorecords
Follow the blog at https://elranchomusic.co.uk/

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   12:00 - 13:00
   Wed, 09/12/2020
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Melancholy Covid Blues (#87)
25/11/2020 // Melancholy Covid Blues (#87)

I've got the melancholy Covid blues! Yeah I caught myself a little dose of the hotbug you might have been hearing about. Music as always fights in the corner for humanity and keeps us shining. I've lost me sense of smell and I can't taste, but don't worry, I've not lost my taste in good music and there's plenty in today's show! I'm delirious and cheesy!

Stay safe!

Tune in from 12pm!

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