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Electric Lemonade
indie // electronica // nurave // alternative // britpop

Electric Lemonade is the liquid music child of Butler and the Mighty Pollock came along to give the affair some class. EL is dedicated to bringing the best tunes, upcoming remixes, wonderful competitions, nail-biting features-including the suspense ridden "THE WAR" and enough banter to suffice some sort of animal that thrives on Irish/Scottish combos of banter. It's the weekend, people. Time to get your dance on.

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Electric Lemonade: Fourth Series Debut
15/09/2011 // Unnamed Episode

Hi there kids and kidettes,

Electric Lemonade started with a bang this year with songs from Soft Cell, Jai Paul, Wiley and Calvin Harris.

Have a listen, and get ready for a year of some epic tunes.

EL xx

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