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Episode Zero: Welkome to the Khurch
The Esoteric Khurch of the Perpetually Lachrymose
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   EKOPL Intro
  High Priestess of Pain
   Jesus Chant
  DJ Rogers
  Shelter Records
   Thebes (excerpt)
  Drag City
Message to the Messiah Seeds
   Dolphins Climb Onto Shore For The First Time
  Mica Levi // Oliver Coates
Street Performer St. Petersburg
   Mothertongue: Pt 3 Hress
  Nico Muhly
  Bedroom Community
   Music of the Spheres
  Johanna M Beyer
  Sub Rosa
   Kats Belly Noise
  A Human Stomach
   Wrong Space, Wrong Time
  Jeff Phelps
Prayer for the Soundsystem
   Baby Doll
  Arca // Mica Levi
  Arca Self Released
   Colonial Revolution
  Allergy Season
IB HL Physics Revision 2013
   Satan is Real
  The Louvin Brothers
  Capital Nashville
   Blow the Wind Southerly
  Kathleen Ferrier
   Celestial Blues
  Gary Bartz
   Downloading the Repertoire (excerpt)
  Jack Mudurian
  Spunky Monkey
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