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EP 22: Tears on Velvet Dreams
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   See What Condition My Condition is in
  Kenny Rogers & The First Edition
  Rock City
   Untitled (Number 3)
  Hype Williams
  De Stijl
   Recalling all Agents
  William S Burroughs
  Sub Rosa
   See that my Grave is Kept Clean
  Diamanda Galas
   Airplane Glue (Voodoo Child)
  Lenny Bruce // Jimi Hendrix
   A Pox on You
  Silver Apples
   Blue Bayou vs. An Eagle In Your Mind
  David Hasselhoff // Boards Of Canada
   Noah's Ark
  David Lynch
  Sunday Best
   A Radio with Guts
  Charles Bukowski
  Phantom Sound & Vision
   Life on Mars
  Seu Jorge
  Hollywood / EMI
   The Voice of Love is crying
  Mashed in Plastic
   Velvet Dreams
  1086 Productions
  Bruce Haack
  Q.D.K. Media
   The Sound of the Universe Coming in my Window
  Jack Kerouac
   I Feel Like the Mother of the Universe
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