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EP 23: Judging My Fathers House
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   Tho you are gone I still ofter walk with you
  A Silver Mt. Zion
   Party of the First
  Beggar's Banquet
   What's he building in there?
  Tom Waits
   Great day (Four Tet remix)
  Madvillan (four tet)
  Peter Stewart
   Astronaut: A short history of nearly nothing
  Amanda palmer
   The Knife Throwers Wife
  Lords of the Empty Ballroom
   violent at heart
  the reborn identity
  Mashed in Plastic
   My father's house
  Alicia Sometimes // Chris Nelms
   The other side of Mt. heart attack
  The xx
   Burroughs Called the Law
  William S Burroughs
  Sub Rosa
   Final speech from the great dictator (film)
  Charlie Chaplin
  Image Entertainment
   She's A Mystery To Me
  Roy Orbison
   Straight To You
  Nick Cave // The Bad Seeds
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