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Reinventing Giant Chicken Pie for the Soul
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   nanzen kills a cat
  the van pelt
  Gern Blandsten
   Steady Rollin'
  Two Gallants
  Saddle Creek
   Demon Host
  Timber Timbre
  Full Time Hobby
   Everything Goes to Hell
  Tom Waits
   Falling Down
  Flipt & Scarlett
  Warner Bros.
   The Weary Blues
  Langston Hughes
  Four Seasons Productions
   Backlash Blues
  Nina Simone Live At Montreux 1976
   To Juan At The Winter Solstice
  Robert Graves
   Eleanor Rigby
  Richie Havens
  Spectrum Audio
   How Six Umbrellas Took Off Their Straw Hats
  Carl Sanburg
   Mexico (1977)
  Richard Swift
  Secretly Canadian
   The Lost Pilot
  James Tate
   Janitor Of Lunacy
   I Was Stolen By The Gypsies
  Charles Simic
  Shout Factory
  The Psychadelic Furs
   The Long Meadow
  Vijay Seshadri
  Shout Factory
   Cold Milk Bottle
  The Mountain Goats
   Because I could not stop for Death - E D
   time out for sex
  Papa John Creach
   The Ballad Of Orange And Grape
  Muriel Rukeyser
  1967 Folkways Records
   Girls Talk
  Tin Man
  Tin Man
   Pronounced Normal
  Wild Man Fischer
   The Poetry of Reality
  John D Boswell
  John D Boswell
   Anarchist Bookstore Part 1
  MC Paul Barman
  Breakin Beats
   Anarchist Bookstore Part 2
  MC Paul Barman
  Breakin Beats
   Coded Language
  DJ Krust & Saul Williams
  Full Cycle
  MF Doom
   The Walrus And The Carpenter
  Beat Goes On
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