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EP 12: And the Tin Man got a camels heart.
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   Kiss the Dirt
  John Knox Sex Club
   Where were you
  VIc Chestnutt
  New West
   Justified And Ancient (Tammy Wynette)
  The KLF
  Phantom Sound & Vision
   Talent Is A Vampire
   Friends With Benefits
  Alfred Stark and the Black and White Parade
   Cattle and the Creeping Things
  The Hold Steady
  Rough Trade
   Monk Time
  The Monks
   I Love You (With Emmylou Harris)
  daniel lanois
  Cadiz Music Ltd
   My Lover
  PJ Harvey
   To Liase
  Adam Said Galore
   The Strange Case Of the Cautious Motorist
  Odgen Nash
   I love you like a madman
  The Wave Pictures
  Republic of Music
   Let Me Die In My Footsteps
  Bob Dylan
   Child of Eden
  Tin Man
   Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid
  Tin Man
   Look Homeward Angel
  Tin Man
   Lets go out tonight
  The Blue Nile
   Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievances
  Daniel Johnson
   Fade grey to fade blue
  James Orr Complex
  Rock Action
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