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Squeeze Bees on the ears of White Rabbits
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   You were a house on Fire
   I think I need a new heart
  The Magnetic Fields
   August Nights
  Heather Taylor
  Going Down Swinging
   Hang on St. Christopher
  Tom Waits
   For a Lamb
  Richard Eberheart
  Spoken Arts
   White Rabbit
  Jefferson Airplane
   The Branch
  Gra Linnaea
  Going Down Swinging
   Heart Shaped Box
   What's He Building in There
  Tom Waits
  Sarah Walker
   Fade into You
  Mazzy Star
   Squeeze Bees
  Ivor Cutler
   Holy Mother of God
  Julian Cope
  Spectrum Audio
   Good with Love
  Alicia Sometimes
   Divorce Song
  Liz Phair
  VIc Chestnutt
  New West
   Final Correspondence
  Lords of the Empty Ballroom
   Breaking the wings of Birds
  Sarah Coles
  Going Down Swinging
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