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EPISODE 29: bangers for feb
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   a Bottle of Rum
  Xiu Xiu & Liz Harris (Grouper)
   Hard Drive
  Cassandra Jenkins
  Ba Da Bing!
   Parking Lot
  The Weather Station
  Fat Possum
   Blame Game
  Beach Bunny
  Mom & Pop
   Hear Not Say
  Western Column
  Negative Hope
   We Could Be Friends
  Lloyd's House
   Picture Myself
   4th of July
  Hand Habits
  Saddle Creek
   Sometimes I Forget
  Tex Crick
  Mac's Record Label
   Waiting in Line
  Kiwi Jr.
  Sub Pop
   Spermwhale Trip Over
  A.R. Kane
  Second Wind
   Rashida's Tale / Lost One
  Jazmine Sullivan
   Always Returning
  Brian Eno
   For Free
  Joni Mitchell
  Warner Bros.
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