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shoegaze // psychedelic // dreampop // atmospheric // earlymorning

Casting the early morning hours with atmosphere, DREAMCAST is a show based on the grace of Dream Pop, Shoegaze and Psychedelic music; drifting between song to song and melody to melody. From vintage sounds to new editions, DREAMCAST is for the engaged music listener with new bands and songs to played on each episode - helping each other discover and enjoy the beauty of Pop's dreamscape. Presented by DJ WETDREAM, DREAMCAST will provide everything from great craic, to artist interviews and themed shows all tailored to bring the listener a new music experience built on the foundation of both new Scottish and international talent as well as appreciation for the classics. So get yourself a brew, lie on the couch, think about your ex for a good solid 5 minutes and free yourself into musical lucidity at it's finest. [Heres Dara's social media links if you wish to internet stalk him on his daily adventures x https://www.instagram.com/kelloggsfrosties/?hl=en https://twitter.com/d_pfw?lang=en-gb]

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   09:00 - 10:00
   Thu, 03/12/2020
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05/12/2019 // EPISODE 24: ITS CHRISTMAS AGAIN!!!!

SOrry i havent been on the air in a month lads but am back at it next week of the 5th for a christmas bash! gonna be sweet so chune in!

love, Dara xx

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