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Do Ye, Aye?
indie // electronic // glasgow // banter

Fortnightly helpings of tunes from Hannah and Jordan. http://facebook.com/DoYeAye http://twitter.com/DoYeAye [email protected]

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Bit of a Trainwreck
03/11/2015 // Bit of a Trainwreck

We're second show in and already we're messing things up. With a healthy dose of pausing, confusion and technical difficulties, this may not be the smoothest episode ever, but it doesn't mean you should love it less. Aside from the presenting mishaps, we have a brilliant playlist full of new music, and the first instalment of our new featured label segment. This weeks pick was Edinburgh 'DIY concern' Errant Media, with songs from their artists, Errant Boy and Shards - both fantastic new sounds. If you know of any smaller labels looking to feature their artist, get in touch, we'd love to know.

(PS, if you listen really hard, you can make a great game out of how many times Hannah says 'um'. Whoops...)

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