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Tittyshakers and Other Unmentionables
Does Not Affect Play
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   Thirteen Men
  Dinah Shore
  RCA Victor
   Muddy Pt 1
  The Blockbusters
   You Deserve
  Peggy Lee
   Sneakin' Up On You
  Elaine Delmar
   Workin' Out
  Ernie Fields and Orchestra
   Part III
  The Reveliers
   The Caterpillar Crawl
  The Strangers
   The Martian Band
  The Wild Tones
   The Whip
  The Originals
   Who Stole My Bird Dog?
  The Ozarks
   Hully Gully, Now
  Big Bo and the Arrows
   Cozy and Bossa
  Cozy Cole
   Drums A-Go-Go
  The Hollywood Persuaders
  Original Sound
  Johnny Parker and the Zirkons
   Baby Let Me Bang Your Box Part 1
  The Bangers
   Those Young Girls
  Richard MacAdoo
  Teddy and the Rough Riders
  The Royaltones
  The Revels
   Wild Streak
  Johnny Fallin
   She's Neat
  Dale Wright
   Go Get "Em"
  Jimmy Heap and the Melody Masters
   Teen Age Hop
  The Rav'ons
   The Train Kept A-Rollin'
  The Johnny Burnette Trio
  Sonny Forest
For more info on tittyshakers check out www.tittyshakers.com
Look out for more tittyshakers appearing on Does Not Affect Play in our "Oddities For Oddballs" special in a few weeks time
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