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One Man's Poison
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   Memphis Train
  Buddy Miles
   Too Much
   Am I Black Enough For You?
  Billy Paul
   An Earthquakes Coming (If You Don't Straighten Up)
  Black Velvet
  Black Top
   Let's Do It Together
  Fantastic Johnny C
  Kama Sutra
   Stretching Out
  Ed Wiley
   I Gotta Go Now (Up On The Floor)
  Rex Garvin // The Mighty Cravers
  Johnnie Morisette
   I Ain't Myself Anymore
  Bobby Bland
   You Don't Have To Worry
  Doris // Kelley
   Walk With Me
  The Sim-Aires
   Peacock Strut
  Big Al Sears
   You're Welcome To The Club
  Lee "Shot" Williams
   One Man's Poison
  Liz Lands
   Dance Of The Goony Bird
  Pat Miller // Hall Daniels // the Naturals
   The Spook
  Pete Drake
   You Used Me
  Amos Milburn
  Le Cam
   Rough Road
  Tony Gunner
   Night People
  The Leaders
   Houston Texas
  Archie Bell and the Drells
   You Can Only Do Wrong So Long
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