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Hard Way To Go
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   Sankofa (A Rework of Losun)
  Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
   Paint It Black
  Gil Scott-Heron
  Flying Dutchman
   The More I Look At You
  Timo Lassy // Jose James
   Jimmie Jean
  Ellen McIlwaine
   Hard Way To Go
  Nick Allen
   Mellow Man
  Marvelle and the Blue Mats
  Dynamic Sound
   I Can't Dance To That Music You're Playing
  Martha Reeves // The Vandellas
   I Gotta Dance To Keep My Baby
  Maurice // the Radiants
   Up Tight
  The Flame 'N' King
   Soul Party
  Billy Clark // The Maskman
  Disc AZ
  Raw Soul // Barbara Stant
   Let Me Get Close To You
  Jerry Washington
   His Voice
  Elder William Smith
   Cry For Me Baby
  Elmore James
   Howlin' For My Darling
  Stuff Smith
   My Love
  Betty Everett
   I Am The Lover Man
  Willie Dixon
   I Need A Man
  Gloria Irving
   The Grind
  The Johnny Lewis Trio
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