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It's That Love Of Mine
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   The Beat Generation
  Bob McFadden // Don
  The Bikinis
   Foot Stomping
  The Flares
   Hot Footsie (Part One)
  Eddie Perrell
  Good Sound
   Cave Man - 1
  Vernon Garrett
   The Rooster Walks
  Wayne Robinson // His Orchestra
   Pretty Woman
  Curtis Byrd
   Love's Inventions
  The Hot Tamales
   Boogaloo Soul Party
  The Brothers Two
   It's That Love Of Mine
  The Invincibles
  Warner Bros.
   Silent Kind Of Guy
  The Symphonics
   It's A Shame
  Myron and E // The Soul Investigators
   Betwixt and Between
  The Joe Tex Band
  The People's Choice
  Wood City
   Wobble Legs
  Tommy Dark
   Before I Fall In Love
  Dynamic Walter-B // The New Breed Band
  New Breed
   The Watts Breakaway
  The Johnny Otis Show
   Girl What Have You Done
  Kings Of Soul
  Down To Earth
   Baby Let Me Bang Your Box Part 1
  The Bangers
  Silky and the Shantungs
   Stronger Than Love
  James Carr
   Love Will Rain On You
  Archie Bell // The Drells
   Didn't I
  Music City
   You Won't Do Right
  Art Neville
   Mama Soul
  The Soul Survivors
   Who Needs Love
  The Ovations
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