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   Humdrum Blues
  Oscar Brown Jr.
   Swingin' & Surfin'
  Les Brown Jr
  GNP Crescendo
   Satan's Waitin'
  Mike Minor
   The Shortest Distance
  Cleo Jons
  RCA Victor
   Make Someone Happy
  Joan Shaw
   Boss Tres Bien
  Quartette Tres Bien
   Afro Blue
  Mongo Santamaria
   Sweet Tater Pie
  Dave Pike
   Stay Loose
  Jimmy Smith
   The In-Crowd
  Jean King
   Don't Mess With Bill
  Spanky Wilson
   Much Too Much
  Bettye Smith
   Little Steps
  Nostalgia 77
  Tru Thoughts
   Easy Diggin'
  The Five Corners Quintet
   Long Gone John
  The Gene Drayton Unit
  Disques Carmel
   The Houston Express
  Houston Person
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