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Does Not Affect Play
funk // soul // rhythmandblues // tittyshakers // ambient

Does Not Affect Play is a haven for forgotten records. Records that have been overlooked and undervalued. Records that are accustomed to the bottom of the box, the back of the cupboard, and the silence of the basement. Whether it be local labels, private pressings, grainy home recordings, or just criminally ignored releases, they'll all be dusted off, set spinning, and given the exposure they deserve. Check out the playlists and archived shows for more details.

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New Mix - Real Soul Man

Although the series has ended you can now catch my new mixtape Real Soul Man if you're in need of a funky fix.

I'll also be spinning some tunes at Subcity's West End Festival stage from 4pm on Sunday 13th June. Come down, it's absolutely free.

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