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DJ FOMO's Excursions
dancehall // electro // happyhardcore // ukgarage // emotions

The not-really-that-mysterious Norwegian's forays into unknown territories.

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021: With You, Friends (The Final Excursion)
03/07/2018 // 021: With You, Friends (The Final Excursion)

Imagine if I told you that I want you

Imagine if it all came true

It's my last show and about time I stopped talking about myself in third person. If you ever listened – thank you kindly. If you didn't – that's okay too! I'll be forever grateful to Subcity for providing me with this platform and more importantly community that I have been part of for the past two years or so. Endless shouts to all my friends and family for their continuous support as well – I wouldn't be here without you. I am beyond gutted to be leaving and I'll try my best to keep the mood celebratory but I can't guarantee that a certain air of wistfulness won't be present. As far as people go I'm pretty melty after all.

In short: I love you all, thanks for hanging out!

Oh by the way

Did I say

That I am here to stay?

Right here beside you

I will never deny you my love

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