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Funky Love - The Seduction
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   The Look of Love
  Isaac Hayes
  White Label
   Give It Up
  Lee Dorsey
  White Label
   Look Out
  Billy Jones
  White Label
   Believe in Miracles
  The Jackson Sisters
  White Label
   I May Be Right, I May Be Wrong
  Mill Street Depo
  White Label
   I'm Gonna Get You
  Joe Quartermann
  White Label
   Number One Prize
  Bare Faxx
  White Label
   We Could Learn Together
  Tallya Ferro
  White Label
   Do Me
  Jean Knight
  White Label
   Let Me Have It All
  Sly & The Family Stone
  White Label
   I've Got Reasons
  Mary Jane Hooper
  White Label
   Love Having You Around
  Stevie Wonder
  White Label
   Gettin' To Know You
  White Label
   Munchies For Your Love
  Bootsy Collins
  White Label
   Fox On Fire
  The Vaudeville Smash
  White Label
  Sir Charles Hughes
  White Label
   You Need Love Like I Do (Don't You)
  The Temptations
  White Label
   Rock Me Again & Again & Again & Again
  Lyn Collins
  White Label
   Give Me Your Love
  Sister Love
  White Label
   Love, I Never Had It So Good
  Quincy Jones
  White Label
   Try On My Love For Size
  Chairmen Of The Board
  White Label
   Do It ('Til You're Satisfied)
  BT Express
  White Label
   Kissing My Love
  Cold Blood
  White Label
   I Feel Sanctified
  The Commodores
  White Label
   P.S. I Love You
  Curtis Mayfield
  White Label
   Every Time He Comes Around
  Minnie Riperton
  White Label
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