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Eyes Wide Open for some Double Sight!
Dig Deep
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   Grey Walls Grey
  Hidden Masters
  Les Bof!
   El Que Queda De Mi
  Els Trons
   Serrons-Nous La Main
  Les Dauphins
   Out of Sight, Out of Mind
  The Bit' A Sweet
   Wade in the Shade
  Daddy Lindberg
   It Won't Be The Same
  Gavin Hamilton
   Gentle When You Say the Word
  Gary Scruggs
   Looking Glass Alice
  The Bunch
   The Lesson
  The Chords
  White Label
   Dream Girl
   Hold On
  Rupert's People
   William Chalker's Time Machine
  Lemon Tree
   Mother Nature
  The Raves
   Double Sight
  One in A Million
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