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Dig Deep
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Many of Glasgow's top musical talent are also diggers and collectors of the black plastic. From local heroes indie heroes to new emerging talent on the scene, 'Dig Deep' will invite guests to showcase the best of their collections whilst giving these guests the opportunity to talk about and play the music that influences them from scratchy old records from the car boot sales, to fresh sounding modern releases.

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Get your eyes wide open to obtain double sight
08/05/2011 // Eyes Wide Open for some Double Sight!

Here at Dig Deep, we are very excited about Glasgow's first ever 60s Garage & Psych Weekender, Double Sight, happening from 7th - 9th October! In fact we are so excited about this that we are getting the weekends resident DJs together to play some psychedelic records to give you a taster of whats to come.


And if that's not enough, we have a world exclusive in the form of EWO records first ever vinyl release in the form of Scandinavian Pyschsters, Teaspoon!


So tune in and freak out as Holly, Sarah, Dishie & Jamo take you on a trip to remember!

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