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Dialectic Society Lectures
politics // discussion

The GU Dialectic Society regularly host talks from guest Glasgow University lecturers which aim to discuss broad moralistic or philosophical themes, but within that address issues that hold particular relevance to the current political climate.

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Same Sex Marriage In Scotland and Beyond
02/12/2011 // Same Sex Marriage in Scotland and Beyond

As the consultation over same-sex marriages becoming legal in Scotland continues, questions continue to arise over how valuable the success of this motion would be for LGBT rights, and what impact it would have on general attitudes towards homosexuality.

In a talk hosted by the GU Dialectic Society and recorded by Subcity, Kelly Kollman, a lecturer in the University of Glasgow Politics department, discusses how the change in government legislation allowing same sex marriages would affect the lives of LGBT couples as well as the wider community. Issues such as polygamy, the attitudes of religious communities and the impact of the AIDS epidemic are also discussed in relation to these changes.

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