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Define Pop
indie // electro // punk // folk // postrock

Define Pop introduces Glasgow, Scotland and UK based new artists to listeners. With an array of guest presenters form local bands, club owners, promoters, societies and different people from within the music industry, showcasing artists who dont get the oppurtunity elsewhere to be heard and for music lovers an insight to the music scene. Define Pop wants to play your band and wants to hear your thoughts. Who should we be playing? Which band would you like to hear in a live session? Who would you like us to interview? What would you like to know more about? What gigs would you like to know about and what gigs should i be telling you about? For all of the above please join the Subcity Radio Forum and leave me comments/suggestions in the On Air section and i'll be sure to reply as soon as possible, you can also PM me in the forum if you dont want the world to see it. For any bands who would like to be played on the show could you email me your high quality mp3's with a short permission "i give permission to play this track..." to [email protected] and in the subject box if you could put "subcity" followed by the artist name and track name i'll get back to you as soon as possible. For more information on the live side of things and any announcements be sure to check my news section here aswell as my Twitter and Myspace which are linked to the right of the Screen. Thanks, Define Pop

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The Whisky Works release their album on Thursday night in Nice n sleazies through we Make Noise records and Define Pop has a pair of tickets to give away, tell us your best drunken story to go to the gig for free with a friend.

Just email your answers to [email protected] and you could be going for free!

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