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in the F-150 pickup
Deep Brandy Album Cuts
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   What's Hatnin'
  Justin Bieber // Future
   Report Card
  Soulja Boy // Arab
  Collipark, Interscope
   I Ain't Thru
  Keyshia Cole // Nicki Minaj
  Imani, Geffen
   Dirty Slang
  Tink // Rockie Diamonds
  White Label
   2 On
  Tinashe // Schoolboy Q
   My Boys
  Young Scooter // Young Thug // K Blacka // Vldec
  White Label
   When I Bop
  Bebe // Lil Chris
  White Label
  Young Thug
  White Label
   P Is For Power
  Electrik Red
  Radio Killa / Def Jam
   Bend Over
  Navino // Supahype
  Buffer Zone
  Lil Silk
  White Label
   Ooh Baby
   Unconditional Love
  White Label
   So What
  Field Mob // Ciara
  Disturbing tha Peace, Geffen
   Don't Know
  Kevin Gates
  White Label
   My Boo (Spooky refix)
  Alicia Keys // Usher
  White Label
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