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Deep Brandy Album Cuts
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  Chris Brown // Drake // T.I // Kanye West // Fabolous // Rick Ross // André 3000
   Every Lil' Thing
  Murder Inc., Def Jam, Def Jam
   Drunk In Love
  Beyoncé // Jay-Z
   No Angel
   Gyal Wine Wine
  White Label
   I'm So High
  Capo // Ballout
  White Label
   Pretty Pussy
  Lady Saw
   So Many Hoes
  King Louie
  White Label
   Love The Way
  Rich Homie Quan
  White Label
   Turn On The Lights
  Future // Ciara
  White Label
   So Mi Like It
  Notnice Records
   Turn Up
  White Label
  Streets Amplified
   Single (chopped and screwed by DJ Majesty)
  Lil' Wayne
  White Label
   Keep In Touch
  Young Thug
  White Label
   Marvin's Room (Can't Do Better)
  White Label
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