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Want news with a bit of bite? Want to be informed? Want to cut out all the 24 hour news mince and get the news as it should be with out all the spin? Then Debate is free is the show for you. Every show brings you the top topics of the week in the UK and the wider world and gives you the complex issues of the day in a way you can understand. It helps that we are less boring than your usual political talkshows scattered across the TV and radio schedules. Each week, we will have our special guest where you set the questions and get the answers you want. So tune in and join in even if it's only arguing with your flatmate once the shows done. Get in contact with the show on [email protected] if you want to comment or to suggest a guest for us to invite on the show. Please note that the content held within these interviews are wholly owned by Kirsteen Fraser. Any reproduction requires prior permission and attribution to Kirsteen Fraser of Debate is Free at Subcity Radio.

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Is enough being done for LGBT rights?
28/11/2010 // Is enough being done for LGBT rights?

This week we will be taking a look at LGBT rights after a UN resolution was amended 79 votes to 70 to remove references to sexual orientation on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions. Simply put it means that there can be little protection for those who are threatened with execution due to their sexual orientation. In the US a survey of over 7000 trans people found 41% had attempted suicide all this after several students killed themselves after taunts for being gay earlier this year. The question is have we done enough for LGBT rights? If not where do we go from here?

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