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episode six: upset by rhythms
Deaf Ambitions
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   Build Voice
  Dan Deacon
   The Song is the Single
  Upset The Rhythm
   Undiscovered Gulp
  Gay Against You
   Old Friend
  Future Islands
  Upset The Rhythm
   The Cars
  Upset The Rhythm
   Soda St. #1
  Thee Oh Sees
  In the Red
   Business Cats
  Mika Miko
  Kill Rock Stars
   The Tree with the Lights In It
  High Places
  Upset The Rhythm
   Kuni Majagani
  Groupe Inerane
  Sublime Frequencies
ambitious feature: sample + sauce
  Girl Talk
  Illegal Art
   White Horse
  Laid Back
   No Pork On My Fork
   Pure Rockets
  John Maus
  Upset The Rhythm
  Lovepump United
   Happy and on My Way
  The Beats
  Captured Tracks
   Fluorescent Grey
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