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episode four: SXSWHXHWDAXDAW
Deaf Ambitions
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   Reading and Writing About Partying
  The Intelligence
  Raw Deluxe
   Are You The One
   Four Wheels Colide
  Prefuse 73
   That's That
  MF Doom
   Crass Ringtones
  Whatever Brains
  Bull City
   Calling Over
  Blank Dogs
  Captured Tracks
ambitious feature: deaf in the heart of texas
   Loosen Up
  Uptown Bums
  White Label
   Cowboys and Indians
  Wax Museums
   On Video
  Bad Sports
  White Label
   Sleeper Hold
  Teenage Cool Kids
  Female Fantasy
   Lady Myco Purple
  Fungi Girls
  White Label
   Harder Than It's Ever Been
  Fergus and Geronimo
  White Label
  The Wiggins
  Dull Knife
   Woe Is You And Me
  The Strange Boys
  In the Red
   Take A Ride
   Tell The World (Vivian Girls Remix)
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