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Deaf Ambitions
electronic // experimental // diy // alternative // garagepunk

DEAF AMBITIONS is a show dedicated to all those killer bands and producers that use their sonic charm and musk to provoke an extra-special reaction from the listener. Be it physical or emotional, internal or external, worrying or reassuring. DEAF AMBITIONS plays a non-variety of music in a variety of styles. expect: garage rox, selfish ambient-heads, beat makers, out of date punx, hop hippers, stupid bands, stupider electronic acts and the occasional-but-always-trendy piece of world music.

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Deaf Ambitions: The Laryngitis Mix
05/03/2009 // episode three: the laryngitis mix

Due to a risky bout of laryngitis, this weeks episode of Deaf Ambitions is an exclusive hour long mix. Featuring known acts such as Radiohead, Flying Lotus, The Beach Boys and Squarepusher, as well as the lesser known wizzardry of the likes of Snorkel, Cloud the Exclusive, Bullion and Fox Gut Daata.

If your listening again, make sure you fast forward to the Beach Boys piano ballad to hear the start mix. I call this a snow delay.

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