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Deadly Rhythm
techno // house // dubstep // bass // beats

We've been running parties in London for the last 5 years featuring everyone from the likes of Kode 9 and Scuba to Hudson Mohawke and The Gaslamp Killer. Since branching off to Glasgow in March 2010 we've continued our parties and made some new friends along the way. We will be doing a monthly two hour slot on Subcity; showcasing the music of upcoming artists with guest mixes, interviews and giveaways as well as playing some of our favourite old and new tunes.

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Deadly Rhythm and Eglo Records with Rick Wilhite
13/12/2012 // Deadly Rhythm & Eglo Records

We're back in the studio for a half hour of strictly Eglo Recs followed by Masha's pick of this years tunes.

Deadly Rhythm v Eglo v Rick Wilhite

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