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DTNT is a new show on Subcity featuring live performances, exciting guests and lots of music!

Regular collaborations from the multi-talented Ryan English bring us joys such as verbatim Randy Savage impressions and Central Belt brand home truths.

Other guests will include a social-anthropologist filmmaker; a super lefty activist/musician/apartheid expert; a New Zealand poet and a North Uist fish farmer.

I'll ask them to pick some of their favourite music and we'll all have a lark and maybe learn some things from each other. Shucks.

Any suggestions for guest questions and themes -frankly, any input at all - will be totally appreciated! Get in touch!

Next Episode

   18:00 - 19:00
   Wed, 14/11/2018
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TREES (#011)
12/11/2018 // TREES (#011)

DTNT ♥ trees. This week I will play as many tree themed songs as I can...Also hear two exclusive tracks from the upcoming Hank Tree EP! (Released on 22nd of November!) You heard it here first.

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