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Tenants Unions
Dangerous Songs
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   Roll The Union On
  The Almanac Singers
   Rent Strike Blues
  Jimmy Collier
  Smithsonian Folkways
   Ballad of the Landlord
  Margaret Walker
  Smithsoinan Folkways
   Love Me, I'm a Liberal
  Phil Ochs
   The World Turned Upside Down
  Dick Gaughan
   You Can't Just Take Our Homes Away
  Karrie Potter
  Smithsoinan Folkways
   Penny's Farm
  Pete Seeger
  Smithsonian Folkways
   Greedy Landlord
  Stan Kelly // Leon Rosselson
  One Media iP
   The Rigs of the Times
  Shirley Collins // Dolly Collins
   Positively 4th Street
  Bob Dylan
   The Faucets Are Dripping
  Malvina Reynolds
  Smithsoinan Folkways
   The Oakey Strike Evictions
  Tommy Armstrong
   New Kind of Neighbourhood
  Jonathan Richman // The Modern Lovers
   Big Yellow Taxi
  Joni Mitchell
  Warner Bros.
   This Land is Your Land
  Woody Guthrie
  Smithsonian Folkways
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