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Dance is not a Genre
techno // electro // house // shambles // rammy

Dance is not a genre; it's a verb. "Dance music" is just music you can dance to. Folktronica? Nu-NRG? Skaacid? Shuddup yo' pigeon-holing fo'! Expect to hear all sorts of raucous noise (no cheesy Top 40 and no beard-stroking minimal please). A simple guide to the whole spectrum of electronic music for indie-converts and old school electro-heads alike. We promise it will make you want to throw some shapes and get down with your mad self!

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Good Pop/ Bad Pop?
04/03/2009 // Good Pop/ Bad Pop?

Can a remix by a great producer make an otherwise cheesy pop tune into a 3am banger? DINAG investigates! Brace yourselves for Girls Aloud, Britney and a bit o' Lily Allen - a playlist like the show has never seen... and probably never will again. Today's guest Bobbie will wax lyrical about her love of all things pop and lament the loss of greats such the Spice Girls, All Saints and Hanson. Join us today at 3!

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