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Episode 13: Ants and Mark In The Morning (NIGHTS)
Daily Dischord
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  Strike Anywhere
  Fat Wreck
   Indiscretion no. 243
  Chemikal Underground
Tribute to MCA Part 1
   Shake Your Rump
  The Beastie Boys
   Woman on the Screen
  Southern Lord
   Pyramid Eyes
   All You Fascists
  Billy Bragg & Wilco
   Union Town
  Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman
  New West
Tribute to MCA Part 2
  The Beastie Boys
   Life Less Frightening
  Rise Against
   The Age of Paparius
  Burning Heart
   ABCs Are Us
  The Deetees
   Jet Black Girls
   Caught With the Meat in Your Mouth
  Dead Boys
   Pseudo Andro
   Surrender My Love
  The Peepshows
   Get the Horn
  Sub Pop
   Whiskey Knight
  Mood Vertigo
   A Little Piece
  The Jezebels
   Straight Until Morning
  The Powder Monkeys
  Au Go-Go
  Make Do and Mend
  Rise Records
   No Money, No Problems
  Yeah Detroit
   The Soul of Laura
  Division of Laura Lee
  Burning Heart
Tribute to MCA Part 3
   Three MCs and One DJ
  The Beastie Boys
   Who Watches the Watchmen?
  Atlas: Empire
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