Episode 3: Shadynasty's
Daily Dischord
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   You Think You're (John F****** Lennon)
   Hair of the Dog
   Taxi Driver
  Hanoi Rocks
  Johanna Kustannas
   Movers N Shakers
   I Got All Day Long
  Imperial State Electric
  And So I Watch You From Afar
  Richter Collective
   New God
  Hate Gallery
   Brooklyn Dodgers
  I Am The Avalanche
   I Love Living in the City
  Danko Jones
  Bad Taste
   Rough Around the Edges
  Living With Lions
  Black Box
  Junior Battles
  Paper + Plastick
   A Cross for Cain
  The Hellacopters
  White Jazz
   Shake 'em on Down
  R L Burnside
   Late for the Sky
  Evidence // Slug // Aesop Rock
   The Larry Routine
  Beastie Boys
   Snap Decision
  New Bomb Turks
   Religion on the Radio
  Polar Bear Club
  Bridge 9
   Broken Foundation
  Funeral For A Friend
   Ain't Got Nothin' To Do
  Dead Boys
  New York Dolls
  Balance and Composure
  No Sleep
   Local Man Ruins Everything
  The Wonder Years
   Gotta Keep Moving
   Painting of Paul Revere
  Triple Crown
  Manchester Orchestra
  Favorite Gentlemen
   Year of Tha Boomarang
  Rage Against The Machine
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