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Episode 5: Hermano
Daily Dischord
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  Warner Bros.
   Rock N Roll Deacon
  Screamin' Joe Neal
   In a Jar
  Dinosaur Jr
  The Ugly
  Other People's Music
   We're Coming Out
  The Replacements
   Man Taken from Guts
  Thee Mighty Caesars
  Big Beat
   Oh, Me
  Meat Puppets
   No Justice (In Rock n Roll)
  The Hydromatics
  White Jazz
   Born & Raised
  Dine Alone
   Denim Demon
  Amphetamine Reptile
   Don't Drag Me Down
  Social Distortion
  The Quadrajets
  One Louder
   Exit Halo
  Crime in Stereo
  Bridge 9
   The Refused Party Program
  Burning Heart
   Crank it Up
  Supershit 666
   We, The Pros of Con
   Sensational Sherry
  Bronx Cheer
   In Exile
   Tunnel Vision
  The Swellers
  Search and Rescue
   Black City
  The Division of Laura Lee
   100 Proof
  88 Fingers Louie
   Big City
  The Pretty Things
   Heaven Knows
  Rise Against
  Fat Wreck Chords
   G.M. Vincent and I
  Comeback Kid
   Kiss of Death
  Alec Empire
  Digital Hardcore
   The Castle Builders
  La Dispute
  No Sleep
   Black Mass
  Electric Wizard
  Rise Above
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