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Episode 10: A Dream of Throwing Up
Daily Dischord
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  The Loved Ones
  Fat Wreck Chords
   Not For Anyone
  Hot Water Music
   60 Miles
  Apologies, I Have None
   Shield Your Eyes
  Dry the River
   Avoiding Catatonic Surrender
  Tim Barry
  Suburban Home
   Matthew's Baby
   Critical Distance
  Function Records
   Devotion and Desire
   Scream in the Silence
  Small Brown Bike
   Skeletons in the Closet
  CLEAVE // Rick Rodney
   Shield for Your Eyes, a Beast in the Well on Your
  Melt Banana
   Pseudo Andro
   Day 28
   Same Shade as Concrete
  Circle Takes The Square
  Robotic Empire
   Sjøhyenar (Havets Herrer)
  Indie Recordings
   These Colours Don't Run
  Century Media
   Mexican Guitars
  The Menzingers
   I Have Nobody to Betray
   Slow Down
  Run For Cover
   No Place Like Home
  The Arteries
  Specialist Subject
  Rise Records
   Two Worlds
  Tigers Jaw
  Run For Cover
   Paradise City
  Guns 'N' Roses
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