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Episode 1: Back in Black
Daily Dischord
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  Brand New
   Seven & Seven Is
   Sure 'Nuff n Yes I Do
  Captain Beefheart
Interview with Cheerleader
   Serving Sam (Break it Down)
  Angry Shark
Interview with Cheerleader
  Angry Shark
Interview with Cheerleader
   My Love To Someone Else
  Angry Shark
Interview with Cheerleader
   The Pirate Song
  Angry Shark
   Jimmy Jazz
  The Clash
   Screams in Caves
  Polar Bear Club
  Bridge 9
   Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart
  Patrik Fitzgerald
  Small Wonder
   Falco Vs The Young Canoeist
  Too Pure
  Ex Wives
   Turn on the News
  Husker Du
   Love American
  Give Up the Ghost
  Bridge 9/Equal Vision
   Russian Roulette
  The Spunks
   Mary Ann
  The Horrible Crowes
   Killing Floor
  Howlin' Wolf
   Earthquake Heart
  The Dirtbombs
  In the Red
   Rise Above (Black Flag cover)
  Kid Dynamite
   Big A, Little A
   Came Out Swinging
  The Wonder Years
  No Sleep
  Kula Shaker
   Retreat! Retreat!
  65 Days Of Static
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