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Daily Dischord
punk // rocknroll // hardcorepunk // altrock // deathpunk

Smashing Scandinavian punk rock n roll upside hardcore (old and new, melodic and otherwise, local and international) in a way that should never really have been done in the first place, Daily Dischord is the sound of your kneecaps being busted repeatedly at a constant beat of at least 120BPM over a 4/4 rhythm (probably in the key of D). But at least it's done in an upbeat way! For the kind of people who had a secret love for pop punk but never took it further and grew up liking "normal" music instead, we'll bring you something a bit more aggressive than that (but no less melodic) on a regular basis. Alongside this, we'll throw something distinctly Nordic and rocking and rolling in your dirty little face. Occasionally featuring acoustic sets by local punk/hardcore/pop punk bands and the occasional Spinal Tap-esque two word review of the latest releases, it'll make your spine tingle both up and down (probably because we've just broken your back and you've yet to regain lower body strength).

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Da End
12/06/2012 // Episode 15: Goodbye

For now. Ants is back this week as we talk some nonsense and do that usual stuff you know we do so well.

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