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Crossroads Blues
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From the Beatles to the Stone Roses and from the Rolling Stones to Amy Winehouse, every evolution has its origin. Popmusic has only one: the blues! Crossroads Blues is all about the origins of the blues: from 30's ragtime, 60's BB King Boogie's and 80's Stevie Ray Vaughan.There is also room for the best blues of today incl. rare tracks from acts you wouldn't think they had the blues. If it has three chords and loads of passion, you'll hear it on Crossroads Blues!

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Howlin the Blues, from Britain back to the Delta
09/06/2010 // Unnamed Episode

It is the last episode of SubCity Radio’s Blues show ‘Crossroads Blues’ and it is gonna be a special one. The first half hour will be dedicated to the best Blues that the British Isles had to over when halfway through the sixties the British Blues Boom took over the world with the likes of Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. And don’t forget those little bands like the Rolling Stones and Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac. Tune in and find out why Clapton was called God and hear him play like you have never heard him before…

After that there is no way back… cause you’ve passed the crossroads and chose the blues… The last part of the show is dedicated to the real blues men and women. I am talking pre-sixties blues before those young British lads thought they could play music from the heart. It is back to the Delta with the likes of Son House, Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy ‘Mississippi’ Waters and Mr Robert Johnson himself…

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