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Cool Water
folk // ambient // experimental // voices // words

in search of mental breathing space, a moment to reflect, some time entirely for yourself. the day is spent reading, browsing the web, listening and watching things found in various corners of the internet. sometimes sounds, images, ideas pierce the haze. maybe we'll find a point where they merge perfectly, or maybe not.

either way, here are some nice songs and words read by friends for you to enjoy :')

p.s. if you have any recommendations, want to read on the show, or just get in touch, i would love to hear from you at [email protected]

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   20:00 - 21:00
   Mon, 26/04/2021
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in the black metal bonus material
01/03/2021 // in the black metal bonus material

this month's reading comes from jenny hval's girls against god, it's about bad photos and poor quality files. like a black metal hito steyerl essay. anyway, make sure you've got your corpse paint ready to go, because things are about to get heavy 🤘

until next time x

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