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Cooking Up With Kissee Kissee
reggae // bass // dub // abstract // cooking

COOKING UP WITH KISSEE KISSEE: the bassheadz' answer to Woman's Hour. A spacey music and loose thought show presented by Dorris Kissee Kissee and his many alter-egos. Join Dorris every week as he presents his adoring audience with the bassiest dub, the rootsiest culture, a bit of trip hop, quite a lot of hip hop, the most offensive of dancehall, disgusting bashment and anything else he fancies playing frankly. Throw into the mele interviews, weekly adventures in the kitchen, gig listings, the occasional session, a bit of the weather and lengthy ramblings from the man himself. COOKING UP WITH KISSEE KISSEE battles the banal, bringing a little spice to your dinner dubplates. And side plates. And those metal plates you get in your head that scare airport security. Keep it Denby.

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