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The Cold Nebula
soundtrack // spacerock // spaceambient // cosmicmetal // psytrance

Welcome to The Cold Nebula, fellow cosmonaut! It seems that yours ship navigation failed and you have found yourself marooned thousands of light years away from Earth. Do not despair! The void might be cold and dark, but it is certainly not a cultural vacuum! And although they say that in space, no one can hear you scream, you will certainly hear some great tunes! Space has inspired countless artists and the catalogue of cosmic music is ever-expanding - like the universe itself. Hit the play button and we will take you on a galactic tour of space-inspired sounds: you will chill yourself to absolute zero with some space ambient, enjoy the psychedelic colours of distant galaxies rocking to space rock and contemplate the nature of nothingness entering the great void of cosmic black metal.

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   11:00 - 12:00
   Sun, 01/11/2020
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Celebrating women in space sciences!
08/03/2020 // Stars

Hello everyone!

The 8th of March is nigh and for this reason I have decided to make a special episode of The Cold Nebula where I will talk about some of the most inspiring women in space sciences and space exploration! History, ancient and contemporary alike, is full of examples of female scientists that made crucial contributions to our current understanding of the cosmos. Join in and maybe you will hear something about a new figure to do some more research on whilst listening to some awe-inspiring tracks!

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