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Real Soul Man
Coin In The Slot
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   You're A Stone Groovy Thing
  Ruth Brown
  Solid State
   Love's Inventions
  The Hot Tamales
   It's That Love Of Mine
  The Invincibles
  Warner Bros.
   Think Nothing About It
  Major Lance
   Hard Way To Go
  Nick Allen
   Barbara Lynn
  Nice & Easy
   Soul Party
  Billy Clark // The Maskman
  Disc AZ
   Pretty Woman
  Curtis Byrd
   Cave Man -1
  Vernon Garrett
   Dance Of The Goony Bird
  Pat Miller // Hall Daniels // the Naturals
   One Man's Poison
  Liz Lands
   An Earth Quakes Coming
  Black Velvet
  Black Top
  Raw Soul // Barbara Stant
  People's Choice
  Wood City
   Funky, Funky Twist
  Willie Tee
   Before I Fall In Love
  Dynamic Walter-B // The New Breed Band
  New Breed
   Wobble Legs
  Tommy Dark
   Give A Man A Break
  Charles Mintz
   Gettin' T'gether, Man
  The Classitors
  Black and Blue
   Duck (All Over Town)
  Arlene Williams
   I Gotta Go Now
  Rex Garvin // The Mighty Cravers
   Am I Black Enough For You?
  Billy Paul
   Let's Do It Together
  Fantastic Johnny C
  Kama Sutra
   Circle Of Heartbreaks
  Betty Wright
   Worried Over You
  Eldridge Holmes
  Jet Set
   Night People
  The Leaders
   I Remember When
  The Florida Spiritulaires
  Ernie's Record Parade
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