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Coin In The Slot
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   Spartacus - Love Theme
  Dick Jacobs // His Orchestra and Chorus
   Autumn, Golden Trees
   Old Tom Clark
  Mayo Thompson Saddlesore
  Drag City
   Banjo Mambo
  Darryll Glenn
   Midnight Limbo
  The Tides
   Dearest Darling
  Marv Blihdvoe
  The Bikinis
   Strange Feeling
  Johnny Nash
   Fun House
  The Roosters
  Derrick Harriot
   Woman of the Ghetto
  Hortense Ellis
  Hot Shot
   Midnight Stroll
  The Revels
   He Died For Me
  The Gospel Ambassadors
   Puppet on a String
  Gino Washington
   Yeah Yeah
  Select Hits
   Magic Luv
  Mystic Siva
   Shake Your Hips
  Slim Harpo
   Seatbelts Please
  The Exports
   I Keep Forgetting
  Chuck Jackson
  Varese Fontana
   I Want Some Money Baby
  Tommy Ridgley
   Bump Ball
  The Combinations
  RCA Victor
   The Pompeii Club - Rich Man's Frug
  Sweet Charity Orchestra
   Sometimes In The Darkest Hour
  Deborah Walles
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