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Jig Is My Guilty Pleasure
Codeine Drums
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   Message Situation
  Flying Lotus
   J's Day Theme (#3)
  Stones Throw
   That Hump
  Erykah Badu
  Universal Motown
   Are You Feeling Hot?
  Hudson Mohawke
   Mass Appeal
  Gang Starr
   Child 4 A Freestyle
  Born 2wice
   Cymbal Oelek
   Exhibit A (Transformations)
  Jay Electronica
  Control Freaq
   Real Thang (Tumblin' Dice Remix)
  Erykah Badu // Clipse
  Universal Motown
   Dey Know Yayo
   Put On
  Young Jeezy // Kanye West
  Def Jam
  Nas // Keri Hilson
   Upgrade U
  BeyoncĂ© // Jay-Z
   Take You Down
  Chris Brown
   Lollipop (Boreta 'Nasty Ways' Remix)
  Lil' Wayne
  Glitch Mob Unlimited
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