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Codeine Drums
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  Ghostly International
   Love Lockdown (Lunice Remix)
  Kanye West
  Codeine Drums
  The Cool Kids
  White Label
   Day N Nite (Lunice Remix)
  Kid Cudi
  White Label
   Wu Oooh
  Raekwon // Method Man // Ghostface Killah
  Ice H20 Inc
   Beautiful Day
  White Label
   Step Back
   Rollin' Rat
   Girls, Girls, Girls
   Strawberry Amazing
  White Label
   Sky High
  Kid Cudi
  Fool's Gold
   Light Your Ass On Fire
  Busta Rhymes
  Star Trak
   Dead Or Alive
  Young Jeezy
  Trap Musik
   I Get Crazy (No DJ)
  Nicki Minaj // Lil' Wayne
  Young Money
   Out Of My Head
  White Label
  The Cool Kids
  White Label
   4 Minutes To Lockdown
  Redman // Method Man // Raekwon // Ghostface Killah
  Ice H20 Inc
   Buggin' Out
  A Tribe Called Quest
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